Legend Engineering
Civil Engineering, Survey, Land Planning
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Subdivision Planning/Design
Commercial Site Design
Industrial/Transportation Site Design
Public and Private School Design

Ø  Survey

o   Topography, Boundary, ALTA, Plats, etc.

Ø  Master Planning

Ø  Subdivision Planning/Design

o   Lot Consolidation, Small Scale, Large Scale, Multi-Phase

Ø  Site Planning

Ø  Commercial Site Design

o   Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Space, etc. 

Ø  Industrial/Transportation Site Design

o   Warehousing, Freight Stations, etc. 

Ø  Public and Private School Design

o   Campuses, Charter Schools, Extension Centers, etc.

Ø  Hydrology

o   Rational Method, SCS Methods, TR-55, etc. 

Ø  Hydraulic Analysis

Ø  Storm Drainage Design

Ø  Entitlements/Permitting

o   City Coordination, Applications & Fees, etc. 

Ø  Residential Civil Plans

o  Site Layout, Grading Plans, Hillside Driveways, SWPPP

Ø  Construction Management

WelcomeNews and EventsServicesContact Us